This page is a short compilation of books and web sites that offer more information on horses.


  • Caroline Ball, Identifying Horse and Pony Breeds: The new compact study guide and identifier, Chartwell Books, Secaucus, NJ, 1994.
  • Probably the best arms and armor book I own, ARMS AND ARMOR OF THE MEDIEVAL KNIGHT, by David Edge and John Miles Paddock, has tons of glorious pictures.
  • Tim Hawcroft, The Complete Book of Horse Care, Howell Book House, 1983.
  • John Lyons (anything he's written or his videos).
  • Lucy Rees, The Fundamentals of Riding, Roxby Paintbox Company, 1991.
  • Caroline Silver, The Magna Illustrated Guide to Horses of the World, Magna Books, Magna Road, Leciester, LE18 4ZH, 1976.
  • W.J. Yenne, Encyclopedia of Horses, Brompton Books Corporation, Greenwich, CT 06830, 1992.

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