Training Methods

Question: Are training methods today similar to what's been done in the past?

Answer: Training methods are cyclical, like most things in life, but basic dressage training has been around forever. From what I’ve read, yes, things have pretty much remained the same. You will find great variances in today’s training methods, based on the trainer’s style and the breed of horse. Certain breeds will also start under saddle much earlier than others. For example, race horses (thoroughbreds) are started in their second year. You shouldn’t start an Arabian so early (although some people do) because it will affect bone/muscle/skeletal development. Thoroughbreds mature earlier. You can drive a young horse (2 year old) though. Pulling a cart doesn’t seem to affect development as much.

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Dressage training (using cues) has been around forever (since Xenophon's The Art of Horsemanship).

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