What Might You Do After a Long Ride?

QUESTION: Why Would Characters Go Back Out to the Barn?

ANSWER: People who really care for their animals would certainly stop by in the barn to make sure the horses are okay, especially if they took a long ride. You would check to see if the animal had enough water, for one thing. I always like to check in and make sure they aren't colicky. Colic is a gastrointestinal problem--horses can die from it. Colic usually is chronic in some horses. They will get down and try to roll. You need to keep them up and moving, and in some cases, even call the vet.

What else might I do? If the bugs are bad (like they always are in Minnesota!) I might respray the horses with flyspray for the night. Check to see if they have hay. If the region is colder, I might shut the barn door to keep the heat in. Feeding time (grain) is usually in the morning (7) and again around 4 or 5. They usually get hay only at night, at least this is true both of where I grew up and the other barns I've been around. Gives the horses something to do while standing in the stall, too. Keeps them busy and not gnawing on the wood.

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