Arn-ett Paraabba

Of all the horses I've ridden and shown through the years, Paraabba is still my favorite. I began showing this horse when I was 11 years old, and at that time, there were rules in the IAHA handbook that prohibited children from showing stallions in the junior rider classes. So, Paraabba and I showed against professionals -- and beat them. At our first show, in five classes, we brought home three trophies, a second, and a reserve champion ribbon.

Parraabba was the consummate gentleman--even though we kept him as a stallion, we never needed to put a stud chain on him. He had a heart of gold, and he was a competitor to the fullest degree, even performing when he was injured. On one occasion, he pulled a hamstring at some point during a class. He didn't let on until we were cooling him off. Even though he'd won his class, we couldn't show in the championship, nor for the next six weeks, until his leg healed.








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