Kehilan Strain

QUESTION: My last name is Cohalan, and I've heard reference to a horse with a similar name. Do you have any information?

ANSWER: In one of my Arabian books, I found a reference to kehilan, which means the Arab breed. "As long ago as 1300 a.d., the sultan el Naseri wrote of various famous horses, but of no strains other than the old breed, 'Kehilan-Ajuz,' or the new breed, 'Kehilan-Jadeed." ...."The Kkehilan is an all-encompassing term in a general sense that means "Arabian horse" to us, and "the purebred" to the Bedouins." from KNOW THE ARABIAN HORSE, Gladys Brown Edwards (a renowned painter of Arabians), 1972.

Kehilan would be pronounced very similarly to your name, I would think. This entire chapter has a lot of references to Kehilan, and is still considered one of the main strains.


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