Physical Characteristics

Arabians generally stand between 14.0 and 15.2 hands and weigh between 800 and 1,200 pounds. A hand is 4 inches. The medieval equivalent would have been a man’s fist. So, a fifteen hand horse is 60 inches at the withers (the bone at the base of the neck). An Arabian can carry nearly half its weight. The Arabian’s head is its defining characteristic. Small, concave (dished), and triangular in shape, the Arabian’s head is unique and a dominant feature that it has passed on to other breeds.

Arabians are solid colored, but white is allows on the face and legs. Bay, brown, chestnut, gray, and black are acceptable colors. High white (stockings above the knee) is undesirable. Though many people think that most Arabians are white, this is not the case. "Whites" are simply greys who have turned white with age. They have dark skin pigmentation, unlike albinos, whose skin is pink. Undoubtedly, during the middle ages, horses of color (pintos, buckskins, and palominos) found their way into the Arab breed. However, these horses would not have been considered pure of line, and many Bedouin tribes would not allow these horses into their camps, even if ridden by a stranger. Today, Arabian stallions are often matched with other breeds to bring out the best characteristics of the breed.

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